“Interactor becomes UN tech adviser for Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs“  by United Nations ESCAO WFUNA  

We are proud to announce that Interactor will be serving as an official Technology Adviser for United Nations wfuna Urban Innovation Challenge: Citypreneurs.  

“Smart cities are generating exponentially more data. Old infrastructure will no longer be able to cope.  What if there was a way to control, optimize and utilize data at every level of the infrastructure? Think of the value that could generate?” asked Clay Kim, Chief Strategy Officer of Interactor.  

As the Citypreneurs endeavor to build solutions solving some of the most challenging problems faced by smart cities.  Interactor will provide its software and advise to help solution builders manage data at the edge to the cloud. Citypreneurs will have access to cleaned and formatted data directly from the data source at minimal latency.

We encourage anyone who has an interest in solving City related social problems to take part in the challenge. 

Complete Application Here


  1. Green Energy
  2. Urban Mobility
  3. Social Protection   


About Interactor

Interactor is an award-winning edge compute software that helps developers and operators take control of data-in-motion. Interactor’s revolutionary edge processing technology is a critical element in bringing the power of IoT and real-time data processing on-premise for industrial and telecommunication customers.  It streamlines orchestrating high volumes of data, disparate connections, interfaces, protocols, and micro-services.  Interactor use cases are in markets such as manufacturing, oil and gas, power and utilities, telecommunication, transportation, smart city and more. It is used alongside cloud-based IoT platforms to create various enterprise IoT solutions. Customers love us due to its small size, ease of use, and its ability to work with various technologies.  

For more information, please contact Peter Jung at peter@interactor.com

Peter Jung
Post by Peter Jung
August 16, 2019
Peter serves as Chief Product Officer at Interactor. He works with Fortune 500 companies and startups to help accelerate API development and integration by adopting no-code technologies.


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