Verizon launched “Built on 5G Challenge” in Q2 2019 looking for the best products, services, and applications that would bring the true power of 5G to life.  

Interactor was in the top 25 selections by Verizon among hundreds of participating companies.  Interactor’s innovative offering was targeted for Optimized Smart Factories with Dynamic Network Slicing in 5G Networks and was built on the idea to adopt a solution in factory floors of the future, using capabilities of 5G, Edge Computing and Network Slicing, to optimize resource allocation and resource usage in the factory, simplify and automate operational processes, increase operational efficiencies and lower both operating and capital expenses.  

It delivers a real-time and seamless vertical and horizontal integration in all layers of automation, that significantly improves the flexibility, versatility, usability, and efficiency of future smart factories and industrial production, and optimizes processes, operations, and productivity.  

The solution utilizes 5G, Edge Computing, and related technologies and takes advantage of three essential types of communication supported in 5G, (eMBB) “enhanced mobile broadband”, (mMTC) “massive machine type communication” and (URLLC) “ultra-reliable low latency communication”.

Peter Jung
Post by Peter Jung
April 19, 2020
Peter serves as Chief Product Officer at Interactor. He works with Fortune 500 companies and startups to help accelerate API development and integration by adopting no-code technologies.


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