Interactor wins top 26 Nokia Open Innovation Challenge

Every business with a requirement for automation and optimized services will be affected by the next-generation industrial revolution.  This includes enterprises and traditional industry operators with offerings based on the next generation of connectivity and applications, such as 5G Technology and Edge Computing.  

In mid-2019, Nokia launched a competition looking for best-in-class innovative products and solutions within Industrial Automation. Interactor was among the top 26 selected among hundreds of participating companies worldwide with its Edge-deployable modular and scalable offering that is portable to a variety of target systems allowing for distributed processing and storage of data.  

The offered solution is purpose-built to collect, process, validate, normalize and orchestrate high volumes of data and events at ultra-high speeds, with industry-standard protocols and security built-in.  

The solution is built on Interactor®, an ultra-small footprint edge computing software (<70MB) deployable with or without dockers, containers, VM, cloud controller, etc.

Peter Jung
Post by Peter Jung
January 28, 2020
Peter serves as Chief Product Officer at Interactor. He works with Fortune 500 companies and startups to help accelerate API development and integration by adopting no-code technologies.


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